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  • What are your hours of Operation?
    The centre is open from 6:45am until 6:00pm everyday.
  • How long has the centre been established?
    Since 2001, however the current owner has taken over since June 2015.
  • What schedule does your centre follow for closures?
    The centre observes all Statutory holidays. We also follow the Halton School Board for snow day or any other emergency closures.
  • Is your centre a licensed child care?
    Yes our centre is licensed through the ministry of education- childcare quality asssurance and licensing for 107 children. We also have a additional license for 24 children for half day preschool.
  • What are your teacher to child ratios?
    Toddler program is a 1:5 ratio, Preschool program is a 1:8 ratio, Junior Kindergarten is a 1:13 ratio and School Age is a 1:15 ratio.
  • Are meals provided?
    Yes. We prepare and provide our meals with adherence to Canada Food Guide. We serve breakfast, lunch and snack for the children. Lunch is made on site by our cook.
  • How do you communicate with parents?
    Our centre management and staff strives for an open communication with everyone. We respond to enquires, questions and concerns through in person meetings, over phone calls and through email too. Daily communication with parents differs with different classes. Toddler staff send out a daily report to parents each evening detailing how their toddlers Day was. Preschool classrooms use the himama app to send photos and important information to parents periodically throughout the week.
  • Whats your waitlist process?
    To ensure that families gain access to Glen Abbey Childcare & Montessori programs in the shortest time possible, the following practices are put in place: 1. The date of registration on the waitlist will reflect the date the registration form are received by our Office Administration (online or by phone); 2. A family who refuses a space the first time it is offered or fails to return a first call within one week will retain its priority on the wait list; 3. A family who refuses a space when offered a second time or fails to return a second call within one week will be placed at the end of the waitlist; 4. A family who refuses a third offer for a space or fails to return a third call within one week will be withdrawn from Glen Abbey Childcare & Montessori’s waitlist. Once withdrawn from the waitlist, a family must forward a new registration form to the Administration Office to be placed on the waitlist. 5. It is the parent’s responsibility to call or e-mail Glen Abbey Childcare & Montessori to bring changes to their contact information. 6. When a space becomes available, the family at the top of the waitlist will be contacted, irregardless of whether the space is full-time or part-time. Once a child is registered, it becomes possible to eventually accommodate for more specific needs, for example, going from a part-time to a full-time space. 7. Waiting list are maintained as per the needs identified and discussed by parents however, vacant spots are provided to families needing immediate care as supposed to reserving the spot for clients needing care at a future date. 8. Families listed in the centre’s waitlist will be assigned a identification serial number (combination of numbers and letter). Please keep your identification serial number to enquire about your status on the waitlist. The waitlist order will be posted on the centre’s bulletin board reflecting only the identification serial number for privacy and confidentiality reasons. The order of priority in which children are enrolled is: 1. Children graduating from within the centre or requiring change of program 2. Siblings of the children in our Centres 3. Children of parents working in Centre 4. Children requiring full time care
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